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About Bristol Uniform Exchange

The Bristol Uniform Exchange has been created to help Bristol families with the cost of school uniform.   Our aim is to provide access to free school uniform items to support families across Bristol.

School uniform and accessories can be very costly and now more than ever, we believe we should help and support each other.

We want to not only alleviate the financial burden of uniform cost, but also help the planet by reusing and recycling items that might otherwise go to waste!

We host Exchange days, where families can swap or collect good quality, preloved (and freshly washed!) school uniform, from school jumpers and cardies, polo shirts and PE kits to school shoes, bags, and lunchboxes.

We also offer direct support via our Facebook group to provide items outside of our events, where you can request items or offer anything you would like to pass along.

We are always looking for donations of preloved uniform items, which we can come collect from you, contact free. All we ask is that items are in good condition, that you would be happy to use and that it’s been through the wash.

In August 2020, we became a C.I.C.  (Community Interest Company) enabling us access funding and grants to help support our mission and the community.

We are proud to have directly supported over 310 families across Bristol since we launched our project at the end of July 2020 and are working hard to find ways we can support further. There have also been countless families helped by the peer to peer support offered in our Facebook group.

Parents/carers can join our Facebook group and begin swapping items directly with other members of our community.  

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for further updates.

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